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Business Continuity During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Businesses must look forward in order to survive through to the other side of this unprecedented upheaval, but how should they approach business continuity and hiring during the COVID-19 outbreak? We ask Andrew Setchell, Co-Founder of SRM Recruitment, what firms can do to keep moving forward.

Moving from a large recruiter to a boutique firm

Luke Higgs joined SRM Recruitment in the summer of 2019 to establish and grow our Northern Home Counties office. Before coming to SRM, Luke worked at some of the world’s largest recruitment consultancies. We want to know, what are the benefits of moving from a large recruiter to a boutique firm?

SRM Recruitment: A Client Review

Since working with SRM Recruitment as a candidate when we placed him in his current role three years ago, this Head of Group Reporting has partnered successfully with us on multiple roles. We asked him what keeps bringing him back to SRM.

From The Forces To Finance

When Alastair Horrocks left the British Army in 2009, he knew it would be a challenging transition. Learn how he went on to forge a successful career in finance, discover which transferable skills he brings to his role and the advice he has for anyone seeking to follow in his footsteps.

Helping a couple move from South Africa to the UK

Moving across the world is not a transition for the faint-hearted. We caught up with a couple from South Africa who took the leap last year to find out more about their move, and how SRM Recruitment was able to ensure the move from South Africa to the UK was a smooth one.

Recruiting and retaining staff

SRM Recruitment Co-Founder Rory MacSween is familiar with the ‘merry-go-round’ effect that bonus season often creates on staffing. Who better to ask about recruiting and retaining staff in bonus season? Learn how your firm can make the most of this candidate-rich market whilst retaining your top talent.

Video - A Career Beyond Accountancy

Accounting provides a strong grounding for a wide range of careers in finance. In this video interview, we ask Richard Nordgreen, Head of Investments at Proseed Capital how he made the transition and progressed his career, and what advice he has for someone wishing to follow in his footsteps.

What to do if it's time to move on

For those who miss out on the pay rise, the bonus or the promotion they were hoping for, now can seem like the ideal time to look for a new opportunity. Is it really the best time to move on? We ask Rory MacSween, Co-Founder at SRM Recruitment, for his advice on what to do if you think it’s time to move on.

Hiring finance roles with SRM

Why would a company choose SRM Recruitment to hire their best people? We ask John Wilson, Finance Director at Morrison Utilities, what he finds so special about the SRM consultant who has helped him hire the top talent for his finance roles.

“We started SRM as we felt the recruitment industry was increasingly focusing on process rather than consultancy. Our belief has always been to listen and collaborate with our clients; building trust so they have confidence in our delivery.”

Andrew Setchell, CEO, SRM Recruitment