SRM Recruitment: A Client Review

Since working with SRM Recruitment as a candidate when we placed him in his current role three years ago, this Head of Group Reporting has partnered successfully with us on multiple roles. We asked him for his review of our service, and what keeps bringing him back to SRM Recruitment.

David Kingston SRM Recruitment review
David Kingston is our client’s primary contact at SRM Recruitment and offers a unique service that has helped forge a long-lasting partnership with them.

Why did you choose to work with SRM Recruitment?
When I was a candidate looking for a new role, SRM stood out from the other recruiters straight away. Stewart Robertson and David Kingston really treated me with respect, they were professional, straightforward and honest. I remember Stewart called me at 10pm to tell me I’d got the job. That was a good call! They’re clearly people who care. When I joined my company and started to hire, I knew I wanted to work with them. It’s fantastic in itself that they believe in their candidates, but it also benefits me as a hiring manager because I think they surprise their clients with people who may not be the obvious choice.

From your perspective as a hiring manager, how else would you review SRM Recruitment?
David and the team at SRM Recruitment work harder. With other recruiters, they’ll send you two CVs, three at a push, insisting that ‘these are the best people we know in the market, they’re perfect’, and if you don’t like them, they can be reluctant to present alternatives. With SRM, it’s totally different. They share five or six profiles, and if you feel as though an avenue hasn’t been explored, they’re very open to trying – it’s an iterative process. When you’re trying to find the perfect match for your company, that’s important.

I can also see that David’s approach to looking after his candidates hasn’t changed since he placed me three years ago. Some of the candidates I see may have been out of work for some time, yet I can see David has supported them to ensure their CV is presentable and their interview skills are sharp. He has invested time in people with potential, rather than blacklisting them.

I don’t mind if people are young or old, what they look like or where they come from, I just want someone who will work hard, have the right competencies and skills, and fit well with the company. David sees people for who they really are, which means he presents me with some fantastic candidates. I remember one appointment was handled by SRM and another recruiter, and I chose David’s candidate. The other agency asked who the successful candidate was, and they were disappointed to learn it was someone they knew, but that they’d overlooked for the role.

David is very hardworking on all the assignments I give him. I remember one search where the salary wasn’t huge – it was a junior role, and the fee to SRM was relatively small. David presented us with the same wide range of profiles as he would on a larger search. We interviewed a range of candidates, and gave a lot of feedback on them all but were not 100% sure about any of them. Instead of just pushing these candidates, David kept working, he didn’t give up, and in the end, he found us someone who fitted in really well.

Would you recommend their services to other hiring managers?
Yes, I do, very often. David is very responsive and he sends over good profiles. He tends to know great people, and I think that’s partly because he’s proactive and meets with good candidates even when there might not be something for them straight away.

What advice do you have for other hiring managers?
Take your time with your recruitment. It is a very difficult situation when you hire someone that turns out to be wrong for the job to the extent that you need to replace them, or even that you need to spend a long time training to meet the task. Finding the perfect match takes longer, but it’s worth the wait. This is their life, and it’s also yours – if they fail, so will you. Don’t worry about missing out on a candidate by taking too long – the right person will be someone who wants the job enough to wait.

If you do choose to partner with a recruiter to help you source the right talent, look for someone like SRM Recruitment who are persistent and who will go the extra mile, not only for you and your company but for their candidates too.

To read other SRM Recruitment reviews with our clients, please visit our insights page. If you have a role that you would like us to help with, or for a more general discussion about your hiring strategy, please get in touch.

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