Hiring finance roles with SRM

John Wilson hiring finance roles

We join John Wilson, Finance Director at Morrison Utilities to learn how hiring finance roles through Luke Higgs saves his company time.

Tell us how long you have you worked with Luke and the roles he’s worked on?

I’ve known Luke for 10 years on and off and he’s recruited many different roles for me during that time. All the way from transactional finance people to management accountants and latterly a senior finance manager. I’ve lost count of the number of roles he’s placed for me.

Were any of the roles particularly challenging to fill?

He has filled some very niche roles, for instance, a Sub Contract Ledger Manager role that is quite specific to construction. In fact, the person he found for that role is still here five or six years later. 

What sets the candidates apart that he sends you? 

It’s always high calibre people that are sent through. Not just that, they are the right people for the job. He takes the time to figure out who is a good fit for our company and the culture.

Why do you partner with Luke? 

The key reason is that he’s taken the time to get to know me and the business. I’ve used other recruiters but all that’s happens is I get sent so many CVs. When I phone Luke he will come and see me and bring the best few CVs. It goes back to the fact that he knows what’s going on in the business. 

I appreciate his honesty and he will say if he doesn’t feel he has the right person. He’s also not afraid to just put one person forward either and I appreciate that. He understands how each role fits with the business. It saves me time, no one these days has time to interview six people.

Otherwise, we may as well as look for the candidates ourselves! 

“The one thing that stands out about Luke is the time he takes to understand you and the business. You can’t underestimate the time that saves. We know the CVs will be right, I’m not spending weeks interviewing and it puts us ahead of the game. ” 

John Wilson, FD, Morrison Utilities

Is there anything, in particular, you think that Luke does differently to other recruiters?

He listens. If we won’t have any new roles for 6 months he won’t constantly ring us, but if he gets a CV he will drop me a line and say this is a good person to bear in mind. Actually, he did that for the management accountant role and I dug out the CV further down the line. I know that if we get a CV it will be someone good and there will be a reason for it. 

Would you recommend his services to other Finance Directors?

Yes, for sure,  I know others FD’s who use him too so I have no qualms about recommending him to those hiring finance roles.