Creating resilient teams: how to avoid burnout in the workplace

At the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the majority of Finance Directors were still operating lean functions or were even one or two heads down. Factor in the extra pressures due to the pandemic and it’s no surprise that many teams are stressed and overwhelmed. We invited an expert panel to join us in a live webinar on Creating Resilient Teams. For those of you who missed it the first time around it’s now available to watch in full.

Our guest speakers at creating resilient teams

Stewart Robertson, co-founder of SRM Recruitment, discusses how many hiring managers struggle with surprise resignations and seeing professionals struggle to switch off as the boundary between work and home blurs.

Adele Stickland, wellness in the workplace and resilience consultant joins us and discusses how you can set your team up for success so that employees can bounce back after demanding work periods.

Tamsin Ashmore, CFO of Ultima Business Solutions and former CFO at Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group shares her insights on building strong resilient teams

Caroline Watkin, co-founder of the remote work and communications consultancy, 300, discusses how great communications can help you reduce stress in your team and be more productive.

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