My Career Path to SRM

Andrew Pal career path to SRM
Andrew Pal

Andrew Pal, Senior Consultant – Tax, UK & EMEA at SRM Recruitment shares his story on his career path to SRM and what’s so special about working here.

From Toronto to London

After graduating university in Canada I got into the insurance sector as a number of my family members worked in this area. It was a great experience and had elements I really enjoyed, but I knew that I was looking for something different. A good friend of mine suggested recruitment, which ultimately led me to join one of the large recruitment firms in Toronto. 

Personal circumstances drew me to London so I began looking for another recruitment role. This is where I met Andrew, Stewart and Rory (co-founders of SRM Recruitment) as I interviewed with them at another of the large recruiters.

I worked closely with Rory for a number of years focusing on tax recruitment. Whilst the culture and environment of the firm I joined was closer to my style I knew that longer-term I was looking for more freedom and flexibility. 

Why did you join SRM?

After Andrew, Stewart and Rory established SRM Recruitment I thought this could be a step in the right direction for me long term. I liked the idea of building my part of the business from scratch and being trusted to just get on with it. 

Ultimately I wanted to be responsible only for myself, and steering my career path to SRM offered this in an entrepreneurial environment.

Greater freedom

Now, my focus is still on tax but I can pursue other specialist opportunities to make money. I’m also able to work globally, rather than just pass on roles to counterparts in other locations.

Transparency of earnings

The general transparency around earnings was a key draw for me as well as being closer to the planning of the business. I can see the impact I’m able to have on the business. 

What’s kept you?

It’s simple – the leaders of the business followed through. It’s been exactly as advertised! They are investing in the business, it’s growing and we’re hiring. There’s still a family feel but the leaders are ambitious and want to expand.

What sort of people will do well here?

Someone who has a maturity about them (and that’s not an age thing) as well as confidence in their abilities. You need a strong work ethic, with the ability to work out in the open. In a larger firm, the spotlight might not be on you, people can hide to a certain extent, so to do well here you need to be someone who wants to take control of their future. 

Why should other recruiters join SRM?

It’s a cliché but the world is your oyster here – there’s no restriction to your growth and you know exactly what you will get. I trust and like these guys – they deliver on what they say. This is a very good place to be. 

Sum up how SRM is different

It’s very simple, the leadership team focus on recruitment fundamentals, treating each search as an individual project whilst getting rid of the politics and red tape. You’re empowered to get on with it.

What’s next for you?
Continuing to grow my name and the SRM name in the market, I see those as one and the same thing. Looking for opportunities that will bring in a number of roles and help grow the wider business. Who knows, maybe North America is next!  

Sum up the top three things about working for SRM

1. Transparency in payment: If I bill X I will get Y – that was always a grey area at other recruiters.

2. Empowerment, trusted to work flexibly: I’m at a place in life where I will get the work done.

3. The culture: Just being in the office is enjoyable, we like and respect each other. It doesn’t feel corporate, we are on the same wavelength.

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