A career at SRM

Jane Paton career at SRM
Jane Paton, Senior Consultant

The recruitment industry is well renowned for being process-driven, and that environment can pose challenges to many consultants. Jane Paton, Senior Consultant in our Wealth Management team, explains how a career at SRM Recruitment is a very different proposition.

Tell me a bit about your background

When I left school I went straight to work, selling advertising in a local trade magazine. For a while, I worked in sales for a coffee company, but after a move to Guildford, I contacted a recruitment agency to find a new role. They ended up offering me a job as a trainee consultant. I progressed there into specialist recruitment – engineering then financial services. Now my focus is on investment and wealth management. 

Why did you decide on a career at SRM?

I’d become disillusioned with the firm I was with – they’d changed the commission structure and it didn’t meet what I was looking for. I was introduced to Stewart and Andrew and they really seemed like a different breed! I got the impression they had a more grown-up approach than most recruiters – a bit more in line with my own.

I was also able to set up the wealth management division for SRM. Stewart, Rory and Andrew could see how this would benefit their existing business – they have that entrepreneurial spirit.

What’s kept you?

For me, the goalposts never moved. The management team is always helping us to achieve and develop, but they’re not micromanaging us. They give us the tools, the support and most importantly, the encouragement to get going. 

What’s great about the business in your eyes?

The team environment in all the offices – everyone is willing to help everyone else. 

How would you sum up the culture?

SRM is a grown-up environment. You’re not expected to be chained to your desk, but you do need to work smart and produce results. It’s a good work/life balance. Everyone gets on well, there’s no rivalry, except the normal banter!

What sort of people will do well here?

You need an outgoing personality to bounce off everyone else. We need people with a positive outlook, but we’re not looking for any recruitment mavericks – that wouldn’t fit with our team ethos. 

Sum up for the top three things about a career at  SRM 

  1. Being able to work part-time is a huge plus, as I’ve got 2 children. I’m able to work from home, and the support I’m given is great.
  2. The commission structure is fixed and very clear – no one is going to move the goalposts. That’s really attractive – it’s fair, simple and you know where you are. 
  3. The people – this is a great team to be part of

What’s next for your part of the business and your career

We are keen to add more team members to drive the business forward, there’s huge scope to develop.

What would you say to someone thinking of making their next recruitment move – why should they consider a career at SRM? 

At SRM you will be in control of how you evolve your career. We work hard here, we get on well, and it’s a great place to develop.

Sum up how SRM is different…

SRM is different because each person who works here is different too – it’s not one size fits all. We’re not KPI driven, so we’re not targeted for how long we spend on the phone or how many CVs we send out. We have the autonomy to control our diary, our work, and ultimately, our career at SRM.

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